5 Jobs That Let You Work Remotely


83% of workers report a preference for working remotely. Having the freedom to live in your area of choice while maintaining a good career seems too good to be true. But is it really that hard to do?

Here are 5 jobs that give you the flexibility to work from anywhere.


Are you the type of person who prefers learning on the job? Becoming a real estate agent doesn’t require higher education other than a license to begin your practice.

Real estate agents have an average base salary of $80,6890. However, earnings are ultimately determined by your skill and field experience. Most are self-employed and have the ability to set their own schedules, and this flexibility comes with the convenience of being able to work from any location.

Web Developer

This job allows you to create and develop websites, which you can do anywhere with decent wifi. It has an average annual salary of $68,524, yet this figure can potentially increase by about 30% with experience and credibility.

Perhaps the most attractive quality of this field of work is its’ job security. Opportunities in web development are projected to grow by 13%, which is significantly higher than average. Demand for websites only increases with the growing dependency on online interaction.

Graphic Designer

The role of a graphic designer is highly creative. You are expected to visually communicate a branded message to customers for marketing purposes.

This career provides an average annual income of $52,110. No prior field experience is typically required, but most designers are expected to have a bachelor’s degree.

Personal Chef

Personal chefs make an average of $48,910 annually and are often self-employed. They prepare and package specialized meals according to their clients’ preferences and dietary restrictions.

All you need to become a personal chef is a business license, a functional kitchen, tried and true recipes, and a loyal clientele. If you’re unable to commute to your customers’ homes, there are other versatile options available such as meal prep and catering.


Education is highly competitive, and tutors are reported to help students out-perform nontutored students at a rate of 90%. If you have a subject of expertise, becoming a tutor might be a good job opportunity for you.

Private tutors make an average annual salary of $57,959. A primary benefit of being a tutor is its location flexibility. Tutoring can be done online, at a neutral facility, or even out of your home.