What’s Causing The Most Stress?

Pick the thing causing you the most stress right now:

  1. Too Much Debt, Not Enough Income and Trying to Avoid Bankruptcy? This is hands-down the best program to lower your bills stress free. Lower My Bills Now.

  2. Remove derogatory credit reports that are hurting your score. Here's a Do-It-Yourself program that really works. Fix Your Credit Here.

  3. The #1 factor that affects your score, limits and rates is your balance used compared to your available limit. 30% utilization is the best, but try to get under 50% utilization on each account by transferring higher balances to 0% Balance Transfer Programs.

  4. Stop using cards with bad rates. Soon as you can, close the bad ones and replace with better cards that offer lower rates.

  5. Store-brand cards tend to lower your score. Whenever possible use one of the Top-5 major credit cards you should carry.

  6. Read Financial Health Daily for continued advice and tips.