Leo Horoscope

Jun 14, 2024… Even the most extroverted Leo could need alone time to reflect today. Are you known for having moods that shift and change at a moment’s notice? It can be easy for you to keep some of your secrets buried deep, far from the surface. Today, you could get close to showing the side of you that you don’t like as much if you don’t give yourself a breather. If you need a some short-term solitude, don’t be afraid to take a little downtime so you can refresh and keep shining bright.

Today’s Soul Advice: Sometimes forests catch fire in order to renew themselves. All the old trees and foliage must turn to ash in order to create nutrients for the next generation. When the world you once new seems to be going up in smoke, take a moment to ponder this — perhaps it’s a sign that the next amazing thing is ready to take root.