Sagittarius Horoscope

Jun 16, 2024… You will likely speak up when something isn’t right about something you’ve been asked to do, Sagittarius. Whether it’s an authority figure or someone close to you, you don’t have to put your values in the back seat when you’re asked to do something. In fact, standing up for yourself and what’s right is downright honorable and will appeal to your innate sense of justice. Think things through and take action based on what you know is right deep down inside. You can stand tall in your confidence.

Today’s Soul Advice: Sometimes forests catch fire in order to renew themselves. All the old trees and foliage must turn to ash in order to create nutrients for the next generation. When the world you once new seems to be going up in smoke, take a moment to ponder this — perhaps it’s a sign that the next amazing thing is ready to take root.