What Your Desk Says About Your Personality


What Your Desk Says About Your Personality

Your workspace tells a lot about who you are. It reveals your interests, suggests your priorities, and shows off your taste. Find out what your desk might be saying about your personality!

The Serial Decorator

You put the “fun” in dysfunctional. Life is crazy and you know it, but you don’t let that stop you from enjoying yourself. You’re not the most practical person, but you strive to find beauty in everything around you. Positivity is your best asset, and your ability to see the bright side helps to make things more enjoyable.

The Minimalist

You like to be productive. Your goals are challenging and specific, and you don’t want anything to distract you from achieving them. Self-discipline is one of your strong suits, so you don’t waste time doing activities that you think are unnecessary. People look to you to keep them accountable because they want to learn from your mastery of self-control.

The Nomad

Your “desk” looks more like a table at a local coffee shop. Your lifestyle is demanding, but you enjoy being on your toes all of the time. With your suitcase always packed, it seems like you take more naps on a plane than a couch. Because you’re always on the go, you get to know new people in the most unlikely places. In your eyes, strangers are simply friends that you haven’t met yet.

The Hoarder


A tidy desk is a tidy mind…right? Well, you’ve never been one to take conventional advice. You dance to the beat of your own drum, never hesitating to do what works best for you. The pressure of keeping up with an appearance doesn’t phase you. Your plans tend to be spontaneous, and you enjoy being surprised by the fun things you end up discovering.

The Blogger

You think with the end in mind. Everything you purchase coordinates the aesthetic that you’ve branded yourself with, and you never deviate from your brand. A lot of your time is spent organizing, making sure that everything works together in the perfect efficient system. You have an eye for detail because you know that the little things are what make the bigger picture beautiful.

The Snacker

You’re a multi-tasker. People expect a lot from you, and you always make sure that you deliver. Sometimes that means sacrificing your breaks or lunches to pick up the slack. You’d like to start a petition to have more than 24 hours in a day because that just never seems to be enough to get everything done.