What Your Interviewer is Secretly Looking For


Interviews can be tough. Your hopeful to be hired as an employee, but the relentless questions and laundry list of formalities can be nerve-wracking. And interviewers seem to be watching your every move, analyzing everything you do so that they can make out the kind of person you are.

So what do you need to do to get a leg up in the hiring process? Letting these characteristics shine during your interview will help you land the job you want.


Is there something that wakes you up in the morning? A goal or dream that you’ll do anything to achieve? Passion is contagious, so don’t hesitate to share what motivates your work.

Having the drive to go after you want is an essential characteristic in a worker, and your potential employer wants you to show that drive.


Work ethic is everything. Being willing to perform tasks that other people might not want to do will set you apart in an interview. Employers want to hire people that work hard and are ready to help.

If your interviewer asks, let them know that you’re up to whatever odd jobs they might throw your way. You’re much more likely to be hired if you’re able to show your ability to get things done.


Nobody likes a complainer- especially your boss. During an interview, employers try to get a read on your attitude. Avoid making negative comments about your previous jobs, or telling horror stories about old coworkers.

Show that you’re capable of seeing the bright side of things, turning hardships you’ve experienced into valuable life lessons. That kind of outlook is highly valued in the workplace, and demonstrating positivity will make you much more desirable to your interviewer.Dependability

Trust is the center of every relationship, especially work relationships. Your interviewer wants to know that they can count on you, and you can show your dependability through seemingly small actions.

For example, showing up early to your interview indicates that you are aware of the value of other peoples’ time. Preparing whatever paperwork they ask you to bring ahead of time demonstrates your ability to follow directions. Be mindful of the little things you can do to prove that you would make a trustworthy employee.