5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Motivation


Are you a victim of the afternoon lag? Do you start to crash halfway through your workday? Productivity is directly linked to your level of motivation, pushing you to be more efficient and effective.

Here are a few easy ways that you can boost your motivation so you can be a more productive person.

Know Your Why

Begin with the end in mind. Why are you doing the work? Is there a product you’re trying to purchase, a person you’re trying to provide for?

Knowing your “why” is perhaps the most critical aspect of motivation. It’s the driving force of your productivity. Without a reason for doing what you do, it becomes much harder to find purpose in your work and maintain the desire to continue doing it.

Set the Mood

Clearing your work area can help clear your mind. Find creative ways to organize your surroundings so that you can eliminate distractions that will otherwise drain you of your limited amount of motivation.

If you want to go one step further, you can brighten the mood of your workspace with pleasing scents or sounds. Keep an energetic playlist going in the background, and light up a candle if you can. Stimulating the senses will make for a much more pleasant environment to work in.

Treat Yourself

You work hard, so don’t forget to treat yourself! Letting yourself savor the rewards of hard work will motivate you to want to do more in the future.

If you get done early, let yourself snag a desert during your lunch break. If you finished a big project, grab some drinks with a few friends to catch a break. Doing little things to celebrate your accomplishments will give you hope for the next time that you’re in the weeds of work.

Set Small Goals

The keyword here is “small.” It’s pointless to set goals that you know are not feasible to achieve, so setting smaller goals helps you to make more effective progress towards a larger goal.

Giving yourself the opportunity to achieve several small victories is a huge encouragement and mood booster. Make a list of minor adjustments you can make to your work habits or deadlines that are realistic to accomplish. The high of having more frequent successes will help give you the motivation to work towards other goals.

Get Inspired

You can only give out of the overflow of what you take in. Filling yourself up with positive affirmation is a crucial part of staying motivated.Pick a word or a phrase that encourages you. You can then place notes around your workspace with that saying, or use it as a mental mantra that you repeat to yourself when things seem grim. Know what fuels you so that you have the remedy to motivate yourself when you’re feeling low.