Aries Horoscope

Apr 16, 2024… You could find yourself evaluating your progress on the path to your desires today, Aries. Your natural tendency is to focus on lessons learned and how they can help you grow, but today the lesson will be to simply appreciate what you have. Are you actually enjoying all you’ve attracted and manifested? If not, today’s vibe will be pulling you to put worldly ideas of advancement on hold and focus on truly enjoying the rewards of how far you’ve come.

Today’s Soul Advice: When we’re told to be kind to others, we often think this means we should be nice to other people. While this is obviously important, kindness must extend beyond humans in order for us to live harmoniously on this planet. Be kind to animals, trees, and insects. After all, we are all family — made of the same star stuff that is as old as the beginning of time.