Cancer Horoscope

Jun 15, 2024… Cancer, you could find it easy to fixate on an insult or argument today. Feeling like you’re owed an apology can be frustrating if it doesn’t come. Since you can’t shoot lasers from your eyes and it probably won’t work out well for you if you set up trip wires and booby traps, try realizing that people simply aren’t perfect and make mistakes. It helps you to let it slide when you understand that we all drop the ball or trip over our words sometimes. When you hold on to it, the only one who is really hurting is you. Living well is truly the best “revenge”.

Today’s Soul Advice: Sometimes forests catch fire in order to renew themselves. All the old trees and foliage must turn to ash in order to create nutrients for the next generation. When the world you once new seems to be going up in smoke, take a moment to ponder this — perhaps it’s a sign that the next amazing thing is ready to take root.